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Table 1 Candidate populations as lung epithelial stem cells

From: Inflammatory responses in the initiation of lung repair and regeneration: their role in stimulating lung resident stem cells

Populations Markers Cell types into which they can differentiate
Basal stem cells (BSCs) P63+, KRT5+, KRT14+ or − BLPCs
Basal luminal precursor cells (BLPCs) P63+, KRT5+, KRT8+ ciliated cells, club cells, neuroendocrine cells
Broncho-alveolar stem cells CC10+, pro-SPC+ AT II cells, ciliated cells, club cells
ITGα6+, ITGβ4+ alveolar progenitor cells CC10, pro-SPC, ITGα6+, ITGβ4+ AT II cells, club cells
Alveolar type 2 cells (AT II cells) pro-SPC+ AT I cells
Distal alveolar stem cells (DASCs) P63+, KRT5+ AT II cells, club cells
Alveolar Epithelial Progenitor cells (AEPCs) CD90+, pro-SPC+ AT II cells