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Table 1 Antibody used in flow cytometry or immunofluorescent study

From: Immunosuppressive effect of mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes on a concanavalin A-induced liver injury model

Antibody Source Catalogue# Clone
Anti-CD16/32 Biolegend (San Diego, CA, USA) 1013009 93
FITC-labeled anti-CD3 Biolegend B134497 17A2
FITC-labeled anti-CD9 eBioscience 11-0091-81 KMC8
FITC-labeled anti-CD31 Biolegend B112061 MEC13.3
FITC-labeled anti-FoxP3 eBioscience 11-5775-80 FJK-16s
PE-labeled anti-CD25 eBioscience 12-0251-81 PC61.5
PE-labeled anti-CD44 BD Bioscience 553134 IM7
PE-labeled anti-CD63 Cosmo Bio Co. (Tokyo, Japan) 143904 NVG-2
PE-labeled anti-CD117 eBioscience 12-1171 2B8
PE-Cy5-labeled anti-Sca1 eBioscience 25-5981-82 D7
PerCP-labeled anti-B220 Biolegend 103234 RA3-6B2
eFluor®660-labeled anti-CD34 eBioscience 560238 RAM34
APC-eFluor®780-labeled anti-CD45 eBioscience 47-0451-82 30-F11
PE-Cy7-labeled anti-CD4 BD Bioscience 552775 RM4-5
Purified anti-F4/80 Biolegend 123109 BM8
Purified anti-CD81 eBioscience 14-0811-81 EAT2
Alexa fluor 647 goat anti-rat IgG Thermo Fisher Scientific (Waltham, MA, USA) A21247