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Table 2 Studies of bone regeneration by stem cells from dental pulp in the cranio-maxillofacial region in vivo

From: Isolation of dental pulp stem cells with high osteogenic potential

Authors and year   Targeted site Cell source Selection Host Scaffolds Results
de Mendonca et al. [78] 2008 Cranial bone defect Human DPSCs Rat Collagen membrane Induction of mature bone formation
Seo et al. [8] 2008 Critical-size calvarial bone defect Human SHEDs Mouse HA/TCP Repair of defects and substantial bone formation
Zheng et al. [82] 2009 Orofacial bone defects Stem cells from porcine (miniature pig) deciduous teeth Miniature pig β-TCP More efficient regeneration of critical-size mandibular bone defects
d’Aquino et al. [83] 2009 Alveolar bone defect after extraction of impacted third molars Human DPSCs Human Collagen sponge Complete restoration of bone defects
Ito et al. [80] 2011 Osseointegration of dental implants Canine DPSCs Dog PRP High osteogenic potential to assist dental implant integration
Yamada et al. [79] 2011 Mandibular bone defect Canine DPSCs and stem cells from deciduous teeth Dog PRP Well-formed mature bone using both cell lines
Liu et al. [55] 2011 Critical-size alveolar bone defect Rabbit DPSCs Rabbit rhBMP2 + nHAC/PL Early mineralization and excellent bone formation
Ricco et al. [86] 2012 Critical-size cranial bone defect Human DPSCs CD34+c-Kit+STRO-1+ (MACS) Rat Fibroin scaffolds Mature bone formation and defect correction
Pisciotta et al. [84] 2012 Critical-size parietal bone defect Human DPSCs STRO-1+ (MACS) Rat Collagen constructs Restoration of critical parietal bone defects
Alkaisi et al. [81] 2013 Distracted area of mandibular bone Human SHEDs Rabbit Enhancement of the bone consolidation period in mandibular distraction osteogenesis
Annibali et al. [77] 2013 Critical-size calvarial bone defect Human DPSCs/PeSCs Mouse Porcine collagen + GDPB, β-TCP, Aga/nHA β-TCP alone is more effective than β-TCP seeded with DPSCs/PeSCs
Giuliani et al. [85] 2013 Mandibular bone defect after tooth extraction Human DPSCs CD34+ (MACS) Human Collagen sponge Regeneration of compact-type bone with uniform vascularization
Yasui et al. [50] 2016 Critical-size calvarial bone defect Human DPSCs LNGFRLow+THY-1High+ (FACS) Mouse Collagen membrane LNGFRLow+/THY-1High+ DPSCs promote new bone formation to repair critical-size calvarial defects
  1. Aga/nHA a sponge of agarose and nanohydroxyapatite, DPSCs dental pulp stem/progenitor cells, FACS fluorescence-activated cell sorting, GDPB granular deproteinized bovine bone, HA hydroxyapatite, LNGFR low-affinity nerve growth factor, MACS magnetic-activated cell sorting, nHAC/PLA nanohydroxyapatite/collagen/poly(L-lactide), PeSCs periosteal stem cells, PRP platelet-rich plasma, rhBMP-2 recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2, SHEDs stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth, TCP tricalcium phosphate, THY-1 thymocyte antigen 1