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Fig. 1

From: Human LYPD8 protein inhibits motility of flagellated bacteria

Fig. 1

Molecular characteristics of the hLYPD8 protein. a Predicted glycosylation sites of the mLypd8 and hLYPD8 proteins. Glycosylation sites were referred to the UniProt database, and the picture was drawn by a group-based predictive system (IBS 1.0.2). b Immunoblotting for whole cell lysates of HEK293T cells expressing mLypd8 and hLYPD8. c Immunoblotting for recombinant hLYPD8 protein untreated or treated with sialidase A, PNGase F, or O-glycanase. d Flow cytometric analysis of HEK239T cells expressing FLAG-tagged LYPD8 before (upper) and after (lower) treatment with PI-PLC

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