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Fig. 2

From: Human LYPD8 protein inhibits motility of flagellated bacteria

Fig. 2

Function of the hLYPD8 protein generated by a mammalian cell expression system. a ELISA assay for hLYPD8 binding to intestinal bacteria. The quantified bacteria were coated onto microtiter plates and incubated with a dilution series of purified FLAG-tagged hLYPD8 (lower) or control sample (purified sample of non-transfected HEK293T cell lysate) (upper). bd Immunoblot analysis with the anti-FLAG antibody for the supernatant and pellet of the mixture of FLAG-tagged mLypd8 or hLYPD8 and flagella from P. mirabilis (b) and the mixture of hLYPD8 and a gradient dose of flagella (c) or bacterial bodies (d) from P. mirabilis. e, f Motility of P. mirabilis in semisolid agar with the hLYPD8 protein or a control sample (a purified sample of non-transfected HEK293T cell lysate). Representative photos were shown (e). The radii of motility halos were measured at 4 h (f). Data are mean ± s.d. (n = 6 per group). **p < 0.01

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