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Fig. 2 | Inflammation and Regeneration

Fig. 2

From: Linagliptin inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation in human U937 monocytes

Fig. 2

Effects of linagliptin, ketoprofen, or Loxo treatment on LPS-induced IL-6 production after 24 h. Human U937 monocytes were treated with LPS and/or linagliptin, ketoprofen, or Loxo. IL-6 levels in the supernatants were determined via ELISA after 24 h of treatment. *P < 0.0001 vs. control; †P < 0.001 vs. LPS 1 μg/mL; ‡P < 0.0001 vs. LPS 1 μg/mL. Lina, linagliptin; Keto, ketoprofen

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