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Fig. 1

From: Human iPS cell-engineered three-dimensional cardiac tissues perfused by capillary networks between host and graft

Fig. 1

Vascular network formation after mouse embryonic stem cell-derived thick cardiac tissue sheets with gelatin hydrogel microsphere. cTnT immunostaining for lectin (represents perfused vasculature)-perfused rat heart. Cardiomyocytes (cTnT, red), perfused vessels (lectin-stained, green), and pre-stained graft nuclei (Hoechst, blue). a Four weeks after transplantation. Note that thick regenerated myocardium (double-headed arrow) supported by dense perfused capillary networks (green) were formed. Capillaries (I) and larger vessels (II) in the graft (green) were largely Hoechst-positive. b Twelve weeks after transplantation. High magnification image of white box in the right panel. A compact myocardial tissue with capillary vessels was formed. cTnT, cardiac troponin T. Scale bars 100 μm in (b) (left), 50 μm in (a) and (b) (right), 10 μm in (a) (I-II). Referred from reference no. 13 with modifications

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