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Table 1 Biochemical composition of hyaline articular cartilage [6, 7]

From: Shear bioreactors stimulating chondrocyte regeneration, a systematic review

  Water Collagens Proteoglycans Other molecules
% 70–80(per ww) 50–75(per dw) 15–30(per dw)  
Property Interstitial fluid Collagen type II Aggrecan, (hyaluronan + chondroitin and keratan sulfates Fibronectin, cartilage oligomeric protein, thrombospondin, tenascin, matrix-GLA (glycine-leucine-alanine) protein, chondrocalcin, and superficial zone protein
Function Transporting both nutrients and waste within the tissue Fibrillar and globular collagen types, such as types V, VI, IX, and XI
Intermolecular interactions as well as modulating
Comprised of a protein core with attached polysaccharide
chains (glycosaminoglycans).