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Table 1 The summary of Zhang’s methods (2014). FM fibroblast differentiation medium, EM corneal endothelial cell differentiation medium, KSR knockout serum replacement, FBS fetal bovine serum, B27 B27 supplement, EB embryoid body

From: Review: corneal endothelial cell derivation methods from ES/iPS cells

Steps EB culture Co-culture with corneal stroma cells
Medium DMEM/F12, 20% KSR, bFGF (8 ng/ml) etc.   FM: DMEM/F12, B27, EGF (20 ng/ml), bFGF (40 ng/ml), 10% FBS EM: FM + LECCM (FM:LECCM = 3:1)
Coating Low adherence culture dish Fibronectin, laminin, heparin sulfate-coated dish
Duration 7 days 5 days 2 weeks