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Table 5 Summary of details of reviewed methods, including cell source and strain (ES or iPS cells, mouse or human), markers for cell sorting, quality check experiments, and in vivo transplant methods

From: Review: corneal endothelial cell derivation methods from ES/iPS cells

  Zhang et al. (2014) [13] Chen et al. (2015) [14] McCabe et al. (2015) [15] Zhao and Afshari (2016) [18]
Cell source Human ES cells Mouse ES cells and iPS cells Human ES cells Human ES cells and iPS cells
Sorting Vimentin/N-cadherin double positive cells (7.68%) N. A. N. A. N. A.
Quality check Real-time PCR (ATP1A1, ATP1B1) Immunostaining and real-time PCR (Na, K-ATPase, N-cadherin, ZO-1, Aquaporine-1, Vimentin, VE-cadherin, etc.) Real-time PCR (COL8A1, AQP1), immunostaining (ZO-1, ATP1A1) Real-time PCR (ATP1A1), immunostaining (ATP1A1, ZO1, N-cadherin)
In vivo transplant model Rabbit, sheet transplantation N. A. N. A. N. A.
  1. N. A. not analyzed