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Table 2 Transplantation protocols

From: Toward the realization of cardiac regenerative medicine using pluripotent stem cells

PublicationTransplantation MethodRecipient Animal SpeciesRecipient ModelDonor Cell TypeNumber of Donor CellsTransplantation Efficacy
Hattori F et al. [29]Direct cell injectionMouseHealthy heartmESC-CMs
Zwi-Dantsis L et al. [27]Direct cell injectionRatHealthy hearthiPSC-CMs1.5×105Develop gap junctions between donor hiPSC-CMs and host rat CMs
Shiba et al. [28]Direct cell injectionPigCryoinjury induced infarcted hearthESC-CMs1×108Reduce ventricular tachycardia
Improve left ventricle fractional shortening
Ye et al. [30]Direct cell injectionPigLAD ligation induced infarcted hearthiPSC-CMs
fibrin patch
Improve left ventricle ejection fraction and infarct size
Chong JJ et al. [31]Direct cell injectionMonkeyLAD balloon occlusion induced infarcted hearthESC-CMsNAElectromechanical coupling between graft and host myocytes
Shiba et al. [32]Direct cell injectionMonkeyLAD ligation induced infarcted hearthiPSC-CMs4×108Increase ventricular tachycardia transiently
Improve left ventricle ejection fraction and fractional shortening
Liu YW et al. [33]Direct cell injectionMonkeyLAD balloon occlusion induced infarcted hearthESC-CMs7.5×108Increase ventricular tachycardia transiently
Improve left ventricle ejection fraction
Tabei et al. [42]Direct cell injectionPigHealthy hearthiPSC-CM spheroids1×107The combination of the newly developed transplant device and spheroid formation promotes the retention of transplanted CMs
Kimura et al. [34]Pericardial endoscopy and direct injectionPigHealthy heartNANANA
Masumoto et al. [35]Cell sheetsRatLAD ligation induced infarcted heartmESC-CMs
Improve left ventricle systolic function and infarct size
Suzuki et al. [36]Cell sheets
RatLAD ligation induced infarcted heartNeonatal CMs5.6×105/cm2Improve left ventricle ejection fraction
Kashiyama et al. [37]Cell sheetsMonkeyLAD ligation induced infarcted heartmkiPSC-CMs3.6×106/sheetImprove left ventricle systolic function
Ott HC et al. [38]Cell scaffolding
RatDecellularized heartNeonatal CMs Fibrocytes
5-7.5×107Generate working recellularized heart
Lu et al. [39]Cell scaffolding
MouseDecellularized hearthiPSC-MCPs1×107Generate working recellularized heart having responsiveness to drugs
  1. Abbreviations: hiPSC human induced pluripotent stem cell, mESC mouse embryonic stem cell, hESC human embryonic stem cell, mkiPSC monkey induced pluripotent stem cell, CMs cardiomyocytes, ECs endothelial cells, SMCs smooth muscle cells, MCs vascular mural cells, MCPs multipotential cardiovascular progenitors, LAD left anterior descending artery, N/A not applicable or not available