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Table 2 Enhancer enrichment analyses of TAK

From: Roles of cytotoxic lymphocytes and MIC/LILR families in pathophysiology of Takayasu arteritis

Terao, 2018 [9]
 Natural killer cells0.000088
 T CD8+ memory cells0.00079
 T helper naïve cells0.00096
 B cells from cord blood0.00098
 T CD8+ naïve cells0.0013
 T cells0.0021
 Mononuclear cells0.0036
 T regulatory cells0.01
Sawalha, 2016 [15]
 B cells from peripheral blood0.00193
 Monocytes from peripheral blood0.00787
 Natural killer cells from peripheral blood0.00802
 T cells from peripheral blood0.0134
 Hematopoietic stem cells G-CSF-mobilized (female)N.S.
 Hematopoietic stem cells G-CSF-mobilized (male)N.S.
 T cells from cord bloodN.S.
  1. All cells are primary cells