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Table 1 Useful resources and databases related to QTL

From: Elucidation of disease etiology by trans-layer omics analysis

Name Data Description URL Reference
GTEx eQTL, sQTL The project examining 15,201 RNA-sequencing samples from 49 tissues and whole-genome sequencing of 838 donors. [8, 9]
DICE eQTL The resource of eQTL considering all human immune cell types. [10]
Immugen eQTL The resource of eQTL neutrophils and splenic CD4+ T cells across a panel of 40 mouse inbred strains. [11]
eQTLgen eQTL The consortium which incorporates 37 eQTL datasets for the blood from 31,684 individuals. [12]
PsychENCODE eQTL The consortium which generates a comprehensive online resource for the adult brain across 1866 individuals. [13]
eQTL Catalogue eQTL The database which contains quality controlled, uniformly re-computed QTLs from 19 eQTL publications. [14]
SomaLogic serum pQTL pQTL The serum pQTL summary statistics form 3301 European healthy samples (INTERVAL study). [15]
mQTLdb metylation QTL The methylation QTL summary statistics of 1000 mother-child pairs at serial time points across the life-course (ARIES). [16]
QTLbase Various QTLs The database compiling genome-wide QTL summary statistics for human molecular traits across > 70 tissue/cell types. [17]