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Table 2 Useful resources and tools related to epigenetic data

From: Elucidation of disease etiology by trans-layer omics analysis

Name Description URL References
ENCODE The project which aims to catalog all functional elements genome of humans and mice by various assays. [47, 48]
Roadmap Epigenomics The project which aims to produce a public resource of human epigenomic data. [49]
BLUEPRINT The European project which aims to generate epigenomic maps of blood cells. [50]
DEEP The German projects which aim to map and functionally interpret reference epigenomes in normal and diseased states. [51]
DeepBlue The data server which provides epigenetic data collection including data from the above four projects. [52]
FANTOM The consortium to assign functional annotations to the full-length cDNAs collected during the Mouse Encyclopedia Project at RIKEN. [53]
CHIP-ATLAS The database for visualizing and making use of public ChIP-seq data submitted to the SRA (Sequence Read Archives). [54]
HaploReg The tool to annotate haplotype blocks containing target genetic variants with epigenetic data. [55]
RegulomeDB The tool to annotate genome regions with epigenetic and eQTL data and classify them by function. [56]