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Table 1 Drugs for MS patients targeting remyelination in clinical trials

From: Central nervous system regeneration: the roles of glial cells in the potential molecular mechanism underlying remyelination

Drug Drug type Details Subtype identifier
GNbAc1 Monoclonal antibody Assess the efficacy of HERV-W Env antagonist in MS RRMS NCT02782858
GSK239512 Histamine H, receptor antagonist Evaluate whether it can remyelinate lesions in patients RRMS NCT01772199
Opicinumab (BIIB033) Anti-lingo-1 monoclonal antibody Efficacy, safety and dose tolerability for CNS remyelination RRMS NCT01864148
Domperidone Dopamine D2 antagonist Study myelin repair in patients with enhancing lesion by MRI RRMS NCT02493049
Clemastine Fumarate Antihistaminic Assessment of its tolerability as a remyelinating agent RRMS NCT02040298
Vaginal estriol Estrogen Evaluate the efficiency and remyelination role in female patients with urogenital symptoms RRMS NCT03774407
Liothyronine Thyroid hormone Safety and dose finding study of remyelination RRMS, SPMS, PPMS NCT02760056
Olesoxime Cholesterol-like neuroprotectant Measurement of remyelination by MRI RRMS NCT01808885
Natalizumab Anti-integrin monoclonal antibody Evaluate the remyelination capacity RRMS NCT00937677
Quetiapine fumarate Atypical Antipsychotic Safety and tolerability of this remyelinating agent in patients RRMS, RPMS NCT02087631
Alemtuzumab Anti-CD52 monoclonal antibody MRI measurement of remyelination RRMS NCT01395316
Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) Hormone Evaluate the effect of ACTH for treating demyelination in patients RRMS, SPMS NCT00854750
Bazedoxifene acetate Selective estrogen receptor modulator Test the efficacy of the drug as a remyelinating agent RRMS NCT04002934
  1. Data listed in the table are collected from by searching the terms “remyelination” within the condition of “multiple sclerosis.” RRMS relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, SPMS secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, PPMS primary progressive MS, CNS central nervous system, HERV human endogenous retrovirus, Env envelope protein, MRI magnetic resonance imaging