Thematic series
Strategies for regulating tissue fibrosis and their clinical application
Guest edited by Masataka Kuwana

Thematic series
Inflammation and blood vessel formation
Guest edited by Nobuyuki Takakura

Thematic series
Tissue stem cells as a novel therapeutic strategy for inflammatory disease
Guest edited by Takahiro Ochiya

Thematic series
Imaging of inflammation and regeneration
Guest edited by Masaru Ishii

Thematic series
Arthritis and cartilage regeneration
Guest edited by Noriyuki Tsumaki


Thematic series
Vascular and neuro-inflammation
Guest edited by Susumu Ishida

Thematic series
Inflammation and regeneration in cross-organs
Guest edited by Seiji Okada

Thematic series
Aging and inflammation
Guest edited by Issei Komuro

Thematic series
New targets and new strategy for the treatment of systemic autoimmune diseases
Guest edited by Yoshiya Tanaka

Thematic series
Chronic inflammation and endogenous ligands
Guest edited by Atsushi Kumanogoh