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Table 1 Purification of dental pulp stem/progenitor cells (DPSCs) and stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHEDs)

From: Isolation of dental pulp stem cells with high osteogenic potential

Authors Year Cell source Enzyme digestion Selection Differentiation Result
Shi et al. [24] 2003 Human DPSCs 3 mg/ml collagenase type I, 4 mg/ml dispase STRO-1+ (MACS) Odontogenic/osteogenic cells Production of osteodentin-like structures and fibrous connective tissues
Laino et al. [27] 2006 Human DPSCs/SHEDs 3 mg/ml collagenase type I, 4 mg/ml dispase c-Kit+CD34+STRO-1+CD45 (FACS) Osteogenic cells High positivity for CD44, RUNX2, and osteocalcin
Iohara et al. [31] 2006 Human, bovine, canine, and porcine DPSCs Hoechst 33342 (FACS) Odontogenic, chondrogenic, adipogenic, and neurogenic cells SP cells are enriched for stem cell properties and useful for cell therapy with BMP2 to regenerate dentin
Yang et al. [25] 2007 Rat DPSCs STRO-1+ (FACS) Odontogenic, neurogenic, adipogenic, myogenic, and chondrogenic cells STRO-1 selection obtains a more homogeneous cell population with a multilineage differentiation capacity
Honda et al. [30] 2007 Human DPSCs Hoechst 33342 (FACS) Odontogenic cells SP cells expressing ABCG2 in human adult dental pulp that differentiate into odontoblast-like cells
Waddington et al. [39] 2009 Rat DPSCs 4 mg/ml collagenase, 4 mg/ml dispase LNGFR (MACS) Osteogenic, adipogenic, \and chondrogenic cells LNGFR+ DPSCs express CD105 and Notch 2
Ricco et al. [87] 2010 Human DPSCs 3 mg/ml collagenase type I, 4 mg/ml dispase CD34+c-Kit+STRO-1+ (MACS) Osteogenic cells CD34+c-Kit+STRO-1+ DPSCs produce mineralized matrix in 2D and 3D cultures
Iohara et al. [33] 2011 Dog DPSCs CD105 (FACS) Odontogenic/osteogenic, adipogenic, angiogenic, and neurogenic cells Transplantation of CD105+ DPSCs with SDF-1 completely regenerates dental pulp in a pulpectomy model
Mikami et al. [38] 2011 Human SHEDs 2 mg/ml collagenase type I CD271+CD90+CD44 (FACS) Osteogenic, adipogenic, chondrogenic, and myogenic cells LNGFR positivity inhibits the differentiation of DPSCs into osteogenic, adipogenic, chondrogenic, and myogenic lineages
Hosoya et al. [58] 2012 Rat DPSCs 2 mg/ml collagenase, 0.25% trypsin THY-1High+ (FACS) Osteogenic cells Hard tissue formation upon subcutaneous transplantation of THY-1+ cells
Kawanabe et al. [37] 2015 Human SHEDs 5 mg/ml collagenase type II, 2.5 mg/ml dispase I SSEA-4+ (FACS) Osteogenic, adipogenic, and chondrogenic cells SSEA-4+ SHEDs have a multilineage potential.
Yasui et al. [50] 2016 Human DPSCs 2 mg/ml collagenase, 4 mg/ml dispase LNGFRLow+THY-1High+ (FACS) Osteogenic, adipogenic, and chondrogenic cells LNGFRLow+THY-1High+ DPSCs promote osteogenic differentiation.
  1. BMP2 bone morphogenetic protein 2, FACS fluorescence-activated cell sorting, LNGFR low-affinity nerve growth factor, MACS magnetic-activated cell sorting, SDF-1 stromal cell-derived factor-1, SP side population, SSEA-4 stage-specific embryonic antigen-4, THY-1 thymocyte antigen 1