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Table 1 The IL-1 family members

From: The role of interleukin-1 in general pathology

IL-1 family members Receptor Property
IL-1α IL-1RI Inflammatory
IL-1β IL-1RI Inflammatory
IL-1Ra IL-1RI IL-1RI antagonist
IL-18 IL-18Rα Inflammatory
IL-33 ST2 Th2 inflammation
IL-36Ra IL-1Rrp2 IL-1Rrp2 antagonist
IL-36α IL-1Rrp2 Inflammatory
IL-36β IL-1Rrp2 Inflammatory
IL-36γ IL-1Rrp2 Inflammatory
IL-37 IL-18Rα Anti-inflammatory
IL-38 IL-1Rrp2 IL-1Rrp2 antagonist