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Table 4 The summary of Zhao’s methods (2016)

From: Review: corneal endothelial cell derivation methods from ES/iPS cells

Steps Eye field stem cells differentiation Ocular neural crest stem cells differentiation Corneal endothelial cell induction
Medium DMEM/F12, N2, B27, SB431542 (5 μM), LDN193189 (50 nM), IWP2 (1 μM), bFGF (20 ng/ml), etc.   DMEM/F12, N2, B27, CHIR99021 (3 μM), 2-phospho-L-ascorbic acid (0.3 mM), etc.   HE-SFM, 5% FBS, SB431542 (1 μM), H-1125 (2.5 μM), 2-phospho-L-ascorbic acid (0.3 mM), etc.
Coating Matrigel-coated well Matrigel-coated well FNC coating mix
Duration 2 days ~ 80% confluence 1 week