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The Japanese Society of Inflammation and Regeneration

The Japanese Society of Inflammation and Regeneration is organized for the purpose in the research field of basic and clinical inflammation research and regenerative medicine. Inflammation research and regenerative medicine are tightly linked research areas in life sciences and their significance in clinical medicine is continually increasing, especially after the epoch-making technological developments related to iPS cells. These include the importance of regulating tissue regeneration in the process of healing from inflammation, the role of several biomolecules contributing to inflammation in regeneration, and the importance of inflammation control in microcirculation for tissue regeneration. Furthermore, the society aims to cover the development of prophlogistic control of medical materials for regeneration.

The Japanese Society of Inflammation and Regeneration was established in 1980. In 2000, the Society changed its name to "The Japanese Society of Inflammation and Regeneration" which covers a wide range of academic from inflammation to regeneration. Since then the society has held the "Annual Meeting" and "Inflammation Seminars" on timely topics. The society is a member of the International Association of Inflammation Societies (IAIS) of the "World Congress on Inflammation" and has hosted the 3rd and 9th World Congress on Inflammation. 

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